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Last Updated: Wednesday April 27 2011 15:48 GMT

Otters in Scotland get their own royal wedding!

Otter wedding

It's not only Prince William and Kate who are getting married - otters Isla and Lewis have tied the knot at their home at the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary near Oban too.

Otters Lewis and Isla

Four-year-old Isla and Lewis - named after Scottish islands - are the only pair of Canadian Otters in Scotland. They arrived at the sanctuary in 2008 and have since been inseparable.

Sanctuary staff cutting the wedding cake

Staff dressed up and waved Union Jack flags during the ceremony. They even had a wedding cake...

Otter wedding cake

...with a bride and groom otter on top of course!

Otters Lewis and Isla

"They do have spats every now then, normally over sharing - or not sharing - their food," says sanctuary boss Craig. But Lewis is also very protective over Isla.

Otters Lewis and Isla

They would live up to seven years on average in the wild, but in their sheltered dwelling at the sanctuary, the otters should live between 15 and 20 years.




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