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Last Updated: Wednesday April 27 2011 12:14 GMT

Royal wedding: Timetable to key events

Prince William and Kate Middleton

There's only hours to go until Prince William and Kate Middleton get married. Here's what's happening, when, on the big day.


Friday 29th April: it's a special day so Newsround is bringing you special news updates ALL DAY on the CBBC channel.


Sonali will report LIVE from the heart of the action, Ricky will be taking in the atmosphere in London and Leah will be in Kate's home village in Berkshire. Set your alarm clocks!


Westminster Abbey

All those non-VIPs invited to the wedding will arrive at Westminster Abbey in London. Of course by then the streets will be PACKED with well-wishers from around the world, joining in the celebrations.

From 0950

Now time for a bit of star-spotting as it's when VIP guests start arriving at Westminster Abbey. Look out for prime ministers and other famous faces.


Prince Harry

Things hot up now as Prince William will arrive at the Abbey with his best man, Prince Harry. Time to check out whether they're looking a little nervous ahead of the ceremony.


The Queen at Easter

Kate's family and the royal family will all be arriving at Westminster Abbey around now. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be some of the last quests to arrive. Wonder what colour hat she'll be wearing?


Kate Middleton's dad, Michael

The bride leaves for Westminster Abbey with her dad. She's travelling in a Rolls-Royce and this is the time to get the first glimpse of what she's wearing.


Archbishop of Canterbury

At last! The wedding ceremony kicks off. It will take place in front of 1,900 guests and be broadcast to about two billion people around the world. The Archbishop of Canterbury will marry the couple.


Yippee - it's official, they're married. Prince William and Kate, who'll now be known as Her Royal Highness, Princess William of Wales, will walk down the aisle together. Once they get outside it's time for MORE cheering and flag waving from the crowds.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their wedding day in 1981

The couple will then travel for about 15 minutes to Buckingham Palace in an open horse-drawn carriage which was used by Will's mum and dad, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, after their 1981 wedding. Keep your fingers crossed there's no rain.


Another BIG moment you don't want to miss. The newlyweds, The Queen and their families are due to appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. This should mean MORE cheering, waving from the Royal family - and maybe even a public kiss for the bride and groom?

Their appearance will be followed by aircraft from the Royal Air Force and World War II planes from the Battle of Britain Flight.

In the afternoon

The Queen will hold a reception for the couple and their guests and loads of places around the country will be holding street parties to mark the big day.

In the evening

Prince of Wales

The proud dad, Prince Charles, will host a private dinner followed by some dancing, at Buckingham Palace. It will be for the couple and their close friends and family.