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Last Updated: Wednesday April 27 2011 10:16 GMT

Hackers blamed for PlayStation network going offline

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Sony say computer hackers are to blame for the PlayStation network being out of action - and lots of personal details of users may have been stolen.

Over 70 million people use the network to download games and play against other gamers online.

But it's been down for the last week as Sony say it's been attacked by hackers.

As well as being a pain for gamers, Sony say user details may have been stolen including names, addresses and possibly even credit card information.

It's worrying because these details could allow someone else to buy an item using the credit card, even though it's not their own.

Sony has promised it's doing all it can to fix the problems, but hasn't said when the network will be back online.

It has said it will email everyone who's been affected with advice on what to do. In the meantime they say to watch out if you get messages from anyone you don't recognise.

Anyone trying to connect gets an error message saying that the network is suspended, or undergoing maintenance.

There's no news yet of when the network will be back up and running - but Sony says they're working hard to fix the problem.