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Last Updated: Thursday April 21 2011 05:17 GMT

Queen's birthday portrait competition winners

Cameron's picture

It's the Queen's 85th birthday! To celebrate there's been a massive portrait competition. Cameron won the Junior Category (ages 0-7) with this great painting.

Ushoshi's picture

Nearly 15,000 pictures were sent in from 64 countries! This is Ushoshi's design which won second prize in the Juniors.

Maya's picture

Every entry has been put into a digital photo frame and sent to the Queen, including Maya's painting which won third prize. Love the crown Maya!

Mabel's picture

Check out Mabel's picture which won the Middle Category for artists aged 8-11.

William's picture

One picture of the Queen wasn't enough for William. He painted four, each wearing a different coloured coat. This painting scooped him second prize.

Matthew's picture

Matthew drew pictures of famous British buildings, the flag and birthday items in the background of his picture! He won third prize in the Middle Category.

Clara's picture

Clara won the Senior Category (aged 12-18) with this classy picture of Her Majesty!

Tom's picture

Tom used lots of stamps and coins to make this amazing collage. He picked up second prize in the Seniors.

Emily's picture

Emily's stylish painting won third prize. Congratulations to all the winners and happy birthday Queen Elizabeth II!!