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Last Updated: Tuesday April 19 2011 13:55 GMT

Banned pet micro-pig allowed to return to owner's shop

Micro pig shop assistant

Watch the original story about Patrick the micro-pig's shop ban

A pet micro-pig that was banned from its owner's shop by the local council has been allowed to return.

The pig's owner, Lee White, was told by officials in Lancashire he couldn't take his pet to work, because pigs are farm animals and can spread diseases.

But Lee's got round the ban by getting a walking licence for Patrick the pig, and registering himself as a farmer.

Lee's now campaigning for micro-pigs to be reclassified as pets. More than 600 people have signed up in support.

Patrick the micro-pig quickly became a hit with customers when Lee started taking his pet to work at his outdoor clothing store in Ramsbottom.

Lancashire County Council put the ban in place in January, because the law says that farm animals are only allowed to be moved once every 20 days.