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Last Updated: Tuesday April 19 2011 06:06 GMT

Stowaway cat sails 2,000 miles from home

Douglas the black cat

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A cat that got trapped in a shipping container for 18 days with no food or water has turned up completely fine - more than 2,000 miles from its home!

Douglas the black cat often hangs out at a port in New Zealand. But when the staff didn't see him around much, they started to get worried.

That's until he popped up in Adelaide in Australia, having spent more than two weeks at sea inside a container.

The pussy has been checked over by a vet and been allowed to return home.

Australian quarantine officer Emma Brown said Douglas just appeared while they were unpacking the containers: "He just popped up, he looked totally calm."

Port staff aren't sure how Douglas survived for so long with no food or water.

They reckon he might have drunk the condensation inside the shipping container - or just slept through it all.