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Last Updated: Monday April 18 2011 13:06 GMT

Wounded ex-soldiers reach North Pole in Arctic trek

The trek team relax and smile after completing their North Pole trek

A team of wounded ex-servicemen have become the first group with amputees to walk to the North Pole unaided. They were joined by Prince Harry for four days of the trek.

Trek team member walking across the ice

The group reached the North Pole in 13 days - three days earlier than expected. They're aiming to raise 2million to help other ex-servicepeople from the trek.

Trek team member Martin Hewitt poses with icicles hanging from his face

Martin Hewitt is one of four ex-soldiers who braved temperatures of up to -40C! His right arm has been left paralysed after he was shot on duty in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry takes a dip in icy water

Prince Harry joined the trek for the first four days. He's a patron of the charity behind the expedition, Walking With The Wounded.

Prince Harry and ex-soldier Martin Hewitt depart for the airport to begin their North Pole trek

The prince was the first to congratulate the team, via satellite phone. He said: "I'm absolutely thrilled that the guys have made it - what an awesome achievement."

Prince Harry arriving back from his time with the trek team

Bad weather delayed the start of the trek by three days - and Prince Harry's return was also held up after the airport runway, which is made of ice, cracked.

The trek team relax and smile after completing their North Pole trek

Here's the team relaxing and smiling after completing their challenge. They celebrated getting to their destination by cracking open a bottle of fizz and toasting the Queen!