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Last Updated: Monday April 18 2011 06:31 GMT

PICTURES: Tornadoes rip through south of America

Tornadoes rip through America - flattened home in Gloucester, Virginia

Tornadoes have ripped through several southern states of America, leaving at least 45 people dead and flattening homes like this one in Virginia.

Tornadoes rip through America - overturned van in North Carolina

A van is left upside down in the state of North Carolina, which was hit by 62 separate tornadoes. A state of emergency has been declared.

Tornadoes rip through America - survivor stands out crushed hardware store in North Carolina

Survivor Annina Purdy was at this hardware store the day it was destroyed by a tornado. She went back to collect her things from her car.

Tornadoes rip through America - people sort through remains of their belongings in North Carolina

People have returned to their smashed homes to try and save some of their belongings.

Tornadoes rip through America - what remains of a backyard in North Carolina

Hailstones the size of grapefruits were reported in some areas.

Tornadoes rip through America - steps of a house remain in North Carolina

All that remains of this house are the steps that used to lead to the front door.

Tornadoes rip through America - truck is covered in rubble outside a school in Oklahoma

The first storms hit the state of Oklahoma on Thursday. This truck was left covered in rubble outside a school.

Tornadoes rip through America - fallen tree crushes home in Mississippi

The storms have now moved out to the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday, but the search for survivors continues.