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Last Updated: Friday April 15 2011 05:55 GMT

More girls than boys join Scouts for first time ever

Beaver Scouts

More girls than boys are joining the Scouts for the first time ever.

Counting up the new members from the past year, 4,330 girls joined the Scouts - compared to 3,796 boys.

It's the first time in Scouting history that the number of new girl Scouts in a 12-month period has beaten the number of new boys.

The Scout Association agreed in 2007 that girls could join any Scout group in the UK. But overall, there are still about five boy Scouts to every girl.

Girls were first allowed to join the Scouts in 1976, but only in the 15-20 age range.

TV explorer and Chief Scout Bear Grylls said: "It's great to see that more and more girls are signing up to Scouting.

"Being a Scout represents all that is great about life: adventure, life skills and friendship - and it is no surprise that so many girls are wanting to be part of that."

There are more than half a million Scouts in the country, including adult members. 33,500 people are on the waiting list to join up.