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Last Updated: Thursday April 14 2011 15:09 GMT

Kate Middleton's face appears on jelly bean

Kate Middleton jelly bean

She's had pictures of her face printed on tea towels, mugs and plates - and now Kate Middleton's image has been spotted on a jelly bean!

The orange bean was found by a 25-year-old man from Taunton in Somerset, while he was eating a jar of the sweets.

Wesley Hosie said he couldn't believe it when he noticed Kate's signature long locks and winning smile gazing at him from the bean.

He hopes to sell the bean on the internet ahead of the royal wedding.

Kate Middleton jelly bean

Kate Middleton is due to marry Prince William on 29th April.

The ceremony will be held in Westminster Abbey in central London.

The couple met when they were both studying at St Andrews University in Scotland.