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Last Updated: Thursday April 14 2011 06:33 GMT

Murderer hanged in Bristol in 1821 buried

Funeral for John Horwood

Descendents of a man who was hanged for murder in Bristol 190 years ago have given him a funeral.

John Horwood was sentenced to death in 1821 after he murdered his ex-girlfriend on seeing her with a man.

But his skeleton ended up in a display cabinet for medical students at a university so he was never buried.

Mary Halliwell from Greater Manchester was researching her family tree when she discovered she was related to him and decided to give him a funeral.

John Horwood who died in 1821
John Horwood who died in 1821

Mary's great-great-great grandfather was John's brother.

She said: "My wish was to lay him to rest as his parents wanted, and for him to be buried in a dignified way. It will give me peace of mind that I have put closure to it."