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Last Updated: Wednesday April 13 2011 11:19 GMT

PICTURES: Bizarre animals nearing extinction

Goliath bird eating spider

Imagine finding this guy in your bath tub - this rare Goliath bird eating spider was spotted living in Guyana in South America and is the largest spider in the world.

The Emperor scorpion

He isn't the only big bug who's been snapped! This huge Emperor scorpion was found in Ghana by a team of Conservation International scientists.

A rare fruit bat from Papua New Guinea looks like Yoda!

The team travel the world scouting out new rare species like this fruit bat. He hasn't been properly named but experts reckon he looks a lot like Yoda!

Pinocchio frog

Conservationists reckon that this little guy is a lot like Pinocchio because his little nose grows when he is looking for his friends and shrinks when he is resting!

ET Salamander

This salamander was discovered living in the trees in Ecuador in South America. The amphibians don't have lungs but instead breathe through their skin. Its nickname? ET!

Satanic leaf tailed gecko

Now this guy is SCARY! We wouldn't want to come face to face with this Satanic leaf tailed gecko. Luckily he lives in Madagascar, so we won't be seeing him anytime soon...

Blossom bat

This blossom bat is a lot cuter! Bats like these love to munch on pollen and nectar from flowers and play a big role in helping plants grow in rainforests.

Peacock katydid

If you're lucky you might spot this Peacock katydid in the rainforest. They're really crafty and can make themselves look dead to stay safe from predators.