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Last Updated: Wednesday April 13 2011 06:29 GMT

Friday singer beats Justin Bieber

Rebecca Black

WATCH: Friday is online hit

Rebecca Black has beaten Justin Bieber AND Lady Gaga in the battle for online video views.

Rebecca's official Friday video has been watched over 200 million times across the internet.

It's had 100 million views on YouTube, but because it's the video is copied and put up on other sites, it all adds up.

In comparison Lady Gaga's Born This Way has had 180 million online views, and Bieber's Pray has had 65 million.

Friday was written for Rebecca by Ark Music Factory, a Hollywood firm that offers parents the chance to turn their kids into pop stars.

Rebecca Black
"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, Today is Friday, Friday, Tomorrow is Saturday, And Sunday comes afterwards"

Lots of people have slammed the song as the worst piece of music they've ever heard.

But its popularity is gone up and up online.