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Last Updated: Monday April 11 2011 13:30 GMT

Deadly NYC cobra gets a new name!

Deadly cobra found

The deadly snake who hit the headlines for mysteriously escaping the Bronx Zoo has been given a new name!

From now on the crafty cobra will be called Mia - which stands for "missing in action".

The name was picked after a competition was launched to find a fitting title for the sneaky snake.

The top choices were Agnes, Amaunet, Cleopatra, Subira, but Mia slithered its way to the number one spot!

Mia shot into the spotlight in March after escaping from the Reptile House at New York's Bronx Zoo.

After her disappearance a mystery fan set up a Twitter account for the cobra.

There were tweets on the account from around the city saying that the snake had visited places like the Empire State Building and a pizza parlour!

Luckily she was found a few days later only 60 metres from her home and returned to her cage.

The mystery tweets are still coming through, mostly plotting Mia's next adventure!