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Last Updated: Monday April 11 2011 12:14 GMT

JAPAN: Another earthquake hits country

Three women remember the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami one month on

Japan remembers quake victims one month on

A powerful earthquake has hit Japan exactly one month after a massive quake and tsunami struck.

Scientists were worried that the 7.0 magnitude aftershock might have triggered another tsunami.

The centre of the latest quake was in Fukushima in the north east of the country, the home of the damaged nuclear plant.

Workers at the plant were evacuated but no more damage to the power station has been reported.

JAPAN PICTURES: One month after the quake

Monday's earthquake is the latest of a series of aftershocks following the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, which hit on 11 March.

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake in March caused a devastating tsunami, that killed thousands and destroyed hundreds of thousands of buildings.