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Last Updated: Friday April 08 2011 13:04 GMT

Sunny weather hitting the UK for the weekend

Bournemouth beach in England

Better get ready - it's going to be REALLY hot this weekend and could be sunnier than Italy or Greece. Phew!

On Friday parts of the UK were 21C. The usual temperature this time of year is 7C for Scotland and 12C for London!

Hot winds are being blown in from the Sahara desert in North Africa - and they're also bringing in tiny bits of sand!

The good weather is expected to last a few days although there could be some showers on Sunday.

Thursday's temperature in Surrey and Sussex equalled records for the hottest 7 April ever, reaching 22C.

Summer crossword
Sun bathers

The animal charity RSPCA is warning pet owners to be careful during the sunny spell, and not to leave animals in hot cars, conservatories or caravans.

The charity said: "Leaving a bowl of water or a window open is not enough to protect your pet from heatstroke, which can have fatal consequences."