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Last Updated: Thursday April 07 2011 15:36 GMT

JAPAN: Earthquake strikes in north-east

Hotel guests check their mobiles for news after the earthquake

Another powerful earthquake has hit Japan, 40km off the north-eastern coast, which shook buildings in Tokyo.

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Japan at night-time on Thursday.

People close to the sea were warned to move in case of a tsunami but later scientists said there was no threat.

The centre of the earthquake was about 120km north of Fukushima, where nuclear reactors were heavily damaged by the massive earthquake in March. Bosses said there was no damage this time.

Thursday's earthquake is the latest of a series of aftershocks following the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, which hit on 11 March.

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake in March caused a devastating tsunami, that killed thousands and destroyed hundreds of thousands of buildings.