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Last Updated: Thursday April 07 2011 13:10 GMT

Hot air balloonists try to set world record

Balloon getting ready

There was a LOT of hot air in Bristol when loads of balloonists tried to set a world record for the largest number of hot air balloons to cross the English Channel at the same time.

Balloon crew prepare for take-off

A total of 51 crews set off from Bristol this morning to make the four-hour journey over to France, including these French balloonists who were wearing armbands for a joke!

Balloons line up for take-off

Competitors came from across Europe, including a dragon-shaped balloon and one with a glass-bottomed basket. Reckon that would give you a spectacular view!

Balloons go up, up and away

Here they are filling the sky. It's the first time so many balloons have tried this record before and sponsorship money is going to four charities.

Balloons leave White CLiffs of Dover

In the background you can see the English coastline. One balloon had abandoned the flight just before this picture was taken due to technical problems.

The balloons over the English Channel

Some balloonists made it to Calais in France in about an hour! They are now waiting for Guinness World Records to officially confirm their feat in the next few days.