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Last Updated: Thursday April 07 2011 16:36 GMT

Teachers strike over badly behaved pupils

Hayley finds out why teachers are striking

Hayley finds out why teachers are striking

The teacher protest against badly behaved pupils at a Lancashire school has gone ahead.

Staff at Darwen Vale High School say they need more help to deal with the kids, who they say are out of control.

The protest means there'll be no lessons for the 1,150 pupils at the Blackburn school.

The head teacher sent out a letter saying that the school was sorting the problem, but the teachers still aren't happy. Hayley went to find out more.


Teachers at a school in Lancashire are threatening to walk out of classes because of the bad behaviour of their pupils

Have you ever seen a teacher being bullied?

"People in my class might shout at the teachers but they just shout back."

Milana, 12, N. Ireland