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Last Updated: Friday April 08 2011 10:55 GMT

Have you seen a teacher being bullied?

Teachers at a school in Lancashire are threatening to walk out of classes because of the bad behaviour of their pupils

Teachers at a school in Lancashire have walked out of classes because of the bad behaviour of their pupils.

Lessons were cancelled at Darwen Vale High School after teachers complained that some of the students are out of control.

We want to know if you've ever seen a teacher being bullied? Have you ever seen a classmate being rude in a lesson?

Maybe you've seen a trick being played on the teacher while they weren't looking? Or perhaps everyone in your school has perfect behaviour?

These comments are now closed for the weekend. Check back on Monday to have your say.

Your comments

"I have never seen a teacher get bullied before, NEVER!!"

Tyler, 11, Devon, England

"My science teacher gets verbal abuse from pupils."

Georgia, 12, North Ayrshire, Scotland

"I have seen many teachers in my school getting sworn at and a lot of children have tempers and attitude, and also they back talk to the teachers! BUT I I bet teachers talk behind children's backs in meetings!"

Bushrah, 11, England

"My art teacher was pushed."

Jamie, 13, Stoke on Trent, England

"I have never seen a teacher being bullied but it is possible. I wonder how the teachers manage to cope!"

Mia, 10, Somerset, England

"No, but I've heard other kids being rude. In my class we are quite chatty!!!"

Vida, 9, Kent, England

"A boy in my class annoys my teacher."

Michael, 8, England

"Teachers bully pupils. I have been bullied by one, so I don't think it's true that teachers are being bullied, they are doing the bullying themselves. Three boys in my class get sent to timeout every week because the teacher just doesn't like them."

Nuala, 9, Hertfordshire, England

"No I haven't ever seen a teacher being bullied. I think it is dreadful and they should stop it or have a lesson about it. But the teachers should not have cancelled the lessons because the pupils will just carry on."

Sadie, 9, London, England

"I've seen people swear at teachers and run out of school!"

Chloe, 11, Berkshire, England

"There is a teacher at my school and she had to stop teaching her class because they gave her ear ache and made her ill."

Asma, 11, Birmingham, England

"I think that teachers only sometimes get bullied. They get bullied because they bully the children."

Nazifa, 11, London, England

"I've never ever seen a teacher get bullied and I have been going to school for over 9 years. But sometimes students do get a bit too cheeky and rude."

Sophie, 14, Southend, England

"I think that it's true that teachers get bullied in school."

Sara, 12, England

"My friends can say rude and stupid things to the teachers. The teachers deal with their talk by either being sarcastic or telling them off."

Esther, 13, Leeds, England

"I haven't seen teachers being bullied, but I have heard that one of the students got quite violent on one of the teachers in my secondary school. I have witnessed serious shouting at teachers, shouting back and sometimes swearing. I do not agree with children and teenagers misbehaving as it disturbs others from working."

Bryony, 12, Peterborough, England

"Teachers bully US! They say, "put your hand down!" Even if it's an important question and then they ignore you sometimes. However, kids in my class can be VERY rude."

Emily, 10, London, England

"We once had a supply teacher for English and the whole class behaved, but when we have our original teacher they mess about. I don't do it."

Andrew, 12, Sussex, England

"I go to a good school so teachers rarely get picked on. But sometimes, I hear people talking bad things about teachers."

Beth, 13, Devon, England

"I've seen people swear at teachers."

Amy, 9, England

"In most of my lessons three particular boys get sent out. It's not fair on the rest of the class because we miss out on learning stuff because the teacher makes us do written work as they are really stressed when they come back in the room. I think there should not be as many chances for misbehaving children."

Lexie, 11, Manchester, England

"In my class there's lots of people that call out. I'm not surprised that the teacher gets so angry!"

Olivia, 8, Surrey, England

"It's horrid and unacceptable for teachers to be treated like this... they know more than us anyway so why?!"

Kim, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I have seen a boy in my class swear and kick our teacher."

Courtney, 12, UK

"Sometimes in my class the children walk out or refuse to go out. But I've been in school for six years and have never seen a teacher being bullied."

Eleni, 9-10, Warwickshire, England

"No but teachers bully pupils though!"

Jenny, 10, West Sussex, England

"I have never seen a teacher being bullied. All I've seen is pupils being disruptive."

Grace, 11, Kent, England

"No, but pupils are often cheeky though."

Stephanie, 11, London, England

"Sometimes my friends bully our Spanish teacher because she talks Spanish."

Pragati, 12, London, England

"Most people in my school are actually well behaved!"

Steph, 14 , Herefordshire, England

"I have never seen pupils bullying teachers, but I have seen pupils answering back to teachers."

Jessica, 12, Doncaster, England

"People are rude to our teachers, but that is it."

Sophie, 13, London, England

"There's so much bullying aimed towards the teachers lately but sometimes teachers can be awful too. My teacher calls me dumb."

Rosieanna, 12, Oxford, England

"I saw my teacher getting sworn at and once a boy hit a teacher, it's wrong!"

Faith, 10, Liverpool, England

"I have seen some boys in my tutor group videoing my art teacher but it has stopped now."

Katie, 12, Staffordshire, England

"Everyone picked on one of my teachers, because he was easy to annoy. He eventually left, because no one listened."

Chloe, 11, Essex, England

"There is one boy in my class who is very rude to my teacher. He is always answers back to the teachers. He always complains in the maths lesson because he can't sit next to anyone so he calls the teacher names behind her back. Bulling a teacher is unacceptable. IT HAS GOT TO STOP!"

Lucy, 9, Somerset, England

"There are quite a few teachers in school who are bullied quite a lot, mostly supply teachers. They usually either have funny accents or quiet voices. They get het up a lot and some just walk out."

Tabitha, 11, UK

"I think that teachers deserve some respect. Pupils may not like school and lessons but they are lucky to be able to go to school. Teachers are doing a job and don't always enjoy it. Nasty pupils make it worse. My class once had a lesson as if we were at school in Victorian times and the teachers were much stricter than they are today. I think we are all lucky!"

Stephanie, 12, UK

"People in my class are really silly and they always get sent out but they don't bully the teachers, they are just really stupid!"

Charlotte, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"My teacher was bullied. Two boys put a whoopee cushion behind her back."

Ashay, 11, Manchester, England

"A boy in my class calls the teacher nasty names."

Amelia, 8, London, England

"I have seen teachers being bullied. I think it is unacceptable and punishments should be made worse for the bullies."

Harry, 12, Liverpool, England

"I think that children should have more respect for their teachers Your teachers should get the same respect as your parents."

Sanah, 12, Blackburn, England

"Schools like that need to be much stricter and they should have one to one tuition for each child."

Hasnain, 12, Lancashire, England

"It is very rude and if I were a teacher there I would quit! In my school people are kind of rude but they only talk over teachers and they know when to stop."

Anne, 14, New York, USA

"Teachers here get bullied and sworn at. The children who do it get angry for no reason."

Fred, 14, Leeds, England

"Why should you bully a teacher? They are there to teach you things that you don't know."

Lily, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"Don't think so."

James, 11, Dorset, England

"Teachers in my school often get bullied. It is usually swearing."

Bob, 11, Leeds, England

"My headteacher got sworn at by my friend!"

Liam, 12, Co. Durham, England

"I think students are mean to teachers and teachers are mean to students."

Rosie, 12, Bristol, England

"I am a pupil at Darwen Vale and as far as I know it is not about the pupils' behaviour. Also every school has bad pupils!"

Ellie, Lancashire, England

"One day I saw a boy in my class raising his fist at our teacher and swearing at her!"

Adam, 8, Co. Durham, England

"My teacher is being bullied by two boys in my class because they call her nasty names and they give a lot of cheek ."

Caitlin, 9, Wigan, England

"There was once a kid in my school and he screamed at the teachers and hit them."

Kornelia, 9, Basingstoke, England

"My normal teachers are never abused, but my Religious Education teacher, well, we get really bored in the lessons so sometimes we do thing behind her back. But I think she gets bored herself doing the lesson so she doesn't mind!"

Amy, 10, London, England

"They're not bullied. They're just shouted at a lot. And most teachers, like mine don't understand how we feel."

Leilah, 10, London, England

"I got bullied once and seriously, watching a teacher being bullied is just horrible."

Andrew, 9, Plymouth, England

"We are really well behaved with our normal teacher, but when we have our supply teacher that we have when our normal teacher is busy, we are all really naughty and rude. But I actually feel sorry for him."

Nadia, 11, England

"A boy in my class takes the mickey out of my teacher."

Rose, 11, England

"My teacher has not actually been bullied. But there are some boys in my classroom that have horrible behaviour during school."

Mariana, 13, Mexico

"The school I go to is a great school! It's always the minority of our school who pull everyone else down. Report on something worth while."

Cameron, 13, Lancashire, England

"I am a pupil in an all girls school and there is a particular group of girls who take the mickey out of the teachers - especially if they have a deferent accent. They also don't take orders and talk back all the time."

Nikita, 12, London, England

"Once, when we had a sub teacher in for the day, one of the girls stuck a 'kick me' sign on her back and she was very offended."

Emma, 10, England

"We all know that our natural reaction to a teacher who is a bit more lenient than others is to use it to our advantage. But, at some point, there is a line which frequently gets crossed resulting in relocation or being sent out the classroom, possibly down to humiliation of the teacher. And it isn't right that they get humiliated because of an individual knowing they're reaction won't be too severe."

Lucy, 14, Portsmouth, England

"Pupils in my class shout and throw stuff around the classroom."

Nathan, 12, UK

"I think that bullying teachers is bad. They don't pick on the strictest teacher in our school, but nobody likes her because she's so strict. In one particular lesson, we hardly learn anything because some of the kids constantly interrupt and make fun of the teacher. They are actually being really racist as this teacher is from Africa and they make fun of his accent. I think that this is really wrong and wish that it wouldn't happen, but no one does anything about it."

Hannah, 13, Galway, Ireland

"Nobody messes with my teacher! She used to be a police officer and she's really nice so nobody needs to."

Ellie, 10, Kent, England

"Whether it is a pupil or a teacher they have feelings and deserve to be treated righteously. Teachers are vulnerable because they are not allowed to shout back or sink to the pupils' level."

Essma, 12, London, England

"Well I saw my teacher being bullied for 4 years. They started calling her names and swear words, I was sorry for her!"

Nicole, 9, Leicester, England

"Yes I have. The head teacher used to bully a fellow teacher and pick on her. He also made her do all the work and hinted that she was fat. He bullied her so much she moved school."

Faduma, 12, London, England

"In my school some teachers get bullied by children throwing paper in class."

Hassan, 14, Manchester, England

"No way I've never seen or heard of a teacher being bullied. I mess about in class but not much."

Emma, 14, Birmingham, England

"In my school teachers are always bullied, it's got so bad! I can't learn anything! It's getting so hard!"

Kira, 13, Kent, England

"My geography teacher is South African so her accent is really hard to understand so everyone talks in class and people don't listen, so we fail tests!"

Alice, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"My maths teacher is often pushed around by the older boys in our class. I think she is nearing the end of her tether. I think that we need more discipline in schools."

Molly, 13, Southampton, England

"My French teacher is bullied because we can't understand her accent. It gets really annoying!"

Hatty, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"Yes I have. They are bigger versions of us - they have feelings as well."

Rosa, 12, London, England

"People in my class imitate my teacher's laugh, because when visitors come round the school she always laughs about nothing, and the others in my class do it silently when she's not looking. I think it is unfair."

Bethany, 11, Warwickshire, England

"The person who sits next to me in school always does imitations of our teacher when she is telling him off, which is very often!"

Saran, 10, Powys, Wales

"I remember seeing a boy at my old school punch our teacher in the face. He also kicked him."

Emma, 13, Sussex, England

"My class always bullied the supply teacher and misbehaved, so I ended up going to a private school."

Sarah, 10, Essex, England

"My teacher doesn't get bullied, but sometimes when the pupils shout at the teacher they look a little upset."

Laura, 11, Leicestershire, England

"I've seen my teacher have his coffee mixed with pen ink when he wasn't looking, then he drank it and spat it out while the people who did it were laughing."

Jade, 13, England

"I'm at a grammar school and this doesn't ever happen."

Akhil, 13, Kent, England

"At my old school the boys really bullied the teachers. Once a boy even punched the teacher. They used to answer back all the time and sometimes shout at the teachers. It was awful."

Mashal, 12, Birmingham, England

"I've seen my teacher getting bullied. Some children think it's funny and sometimes I do to, but it's wrong. I've seen a chair being thrown at a teacher and also seen them being sworn at. It's wrong."

Lauren, 10, Merseyside, England

"I've never seen a teacher get bullied."

Hannah, 7, London, England

"Kids only bully their teachers when they feel the teachers bully them. In one way or another, sometimes I really do think the teachers deserve a taste of their own medicine."

Khatun, 13, Leicester, England

"Because of everyone in our Science class, our teacher failed us all on a test and some students got really angry and started a fight with him."

Afsanna, 13, Bradford, England

"Our old Music teacher who used to live down the road from me was bullied by the pupils because she had a Welsh accent, so she left the school and moved away.

Meggie, 10, England

"There are a group of boys in my class that are ALWAYS excluded and who say bad words to the teacher. Today, one of them PUSHED our teacher TWICE and another pushed and kicked my best friend. I don't know if the teacher defines it as this, but it IS bullying. Thanks Newsround for bringing this up, I think it's important for us to realise this."

Rosie, 10, Kent, England

"I think it's horrendous that pupils are no longer showing respect to their teachers."

Ramya, 13, Northamptonshire, England

"The boys in my class dance behind the teachers back and say rude things to them. She shouts back at them and gives them a detention after school."

Sarah, 12, Bradford, England

"None of my teachers really get bullied, but the teachers who are most likely to are supply teachers. Pupils tell them lies and the teacher believes them, especially if they don't know the school very well."

Fajar, 14, Nottingham, England

"In my French class, the pupils always bully my teacher and I think it's very sad."

Frazer, 13, Scotland

"A boy in my school once took the teacher's iPhone and put it in a container full of water."

Billie, 11, N. Ireland

"We have a music teacher and he's bullied by six of the kids in our class."

Ruben, 13, London, England

"I've never seen a teacher been bullied, all our teachers get on well. The schools with teachers getting bullied is out of order and must be dealt with."

Chloe, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I have heard school students swearing at teachers, being rude towards teachers and also being physical towards them. Not only have they been rude and physical towards teachers, they do it to other students to!"

Brandon, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"I've seen my teacher being sworn at in class and she's so nice and kind."

Amy, 11, London, England

"A supply teacher came into teach my class while my normal teacher was away. Nearly the whole class were being cheeky to her and being rude. They shouted out in class and in the end she had to get the head teacher involved."

Amelia, 10, Essex, England

"I think that teachers are nice and children need to think twice before they do or say anything. Other people have got hearts and feeling too."

Rihanna, 12, Bolton, England

"Our class is mostly well behaved. We do joke around a bit and some of us answer back, but apart from one boy with behaviour problems, our class is well behaved."

Amelia, 11, Cornwall, England

"A teacher isn't there for you to bully, a teacher is there for you to learn. Only one person I know, who is only 5 years old bullies the teacher, but that's because he has behaviour problems."

Liliana, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"I've not seen anyone bully a teacher! And I would not dare do something like that either!"

Raivis, 10, Surrey, England

"It's horrible. In one lesson our teacher ran out crying!"

Ellie, 11, Northamptonshire, England

"My music teacher gets upset as no one listens and they take the mickey out of her. So we don't really learn anything."

Amy, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"I've have never seen a teacher being bullied."

Catherine, 11, Yorkshire, England

"Some people in my class annoy my teacher for fun."

Gemma, 11, Sussex, England

"Kids bullying teachers? I think there's a much bigger problem with teachers bullying pupils. I've seen students being dragged across the floor and being humiliated in front of the whole class for nothing. 95% of the time, the teachers deserve it."

Mollie, 14, Devon, England

"Teacher's should probably go on strike because the children at my school are getting out of control and it makes the teachers very annoyed. People have sometimes bullied the teacher and they can't handle it because they think they might do it again."

Tahir, 12, London, England

"No, I haven't seen any teachers being bullied by school kids, but I have seen teachers bulling kids."

Harry, 9, Cambridge, England

"Most of my teachers are treated with respect but some times people can talk about them behind their backs and do things in class that winds them up."

Grace, 11, London, England

"I've never seen a teacher being bullied, however, a lot of students call them names to other friends at break or lunch."

Callum, 12, London, England

"I'm in year nine and I have five lessons a day, and in every lesson of everyday someone always says something rude to the teacher and argues with them. Everyone's used to it now. But in some lessons we have to have 3 teachers in one room to control the class."

Alix, 13, Birmingham, England

"I think that teachers should be treated with respect. Pupils would not like it if they were in the teachers position. I would like to see pupils try. I know that my English teacher has to tell pupils off for talking too much and they just talk back and shout."

Jade, 12, Wales

"Some of the kids at my school have made the teacher cry before."

Natalie, 12, Southampton, England

"Boys in my class are always standing up, dancing and shouting things at my science teacher."

Lily, 10, Kent, England

"I've seen children being really nasty to teachers and I think there is no need for it. They are only there to help us and we are lucky to have people there to teach us."

Sophie, 10, Norfolk, England

"I've a seen teacher being bullied many times by the pupils. Cover teachers are usually taken advantage of because they have no clue what the class is like or how to deal with them and sometimes they're reduced to screaming or even tears in some cases."

Michael, 13, London, England

"Usually we just keep things to ourselves and just talk back from time to time. The older kids are worse though."

Vilte, 12, Essex, England

"Many kids in my school shout at the teachers. Some get upset, but I've not ever seen a personal bully to a teacher."

Stevie, 11, London, England

"I think it's wrong to bully a teacher, even if they are nasty I've seen it happen it's horrible."

Brannon, 10, Wales

"My class was one of the most naughty classes ever. One time when we were doing technology, a boy in my class through a piece of wood at the teacher! She was OK, but I really do feel sorry for the teachers."

Beth, 13, Stoke-on-Trent

"One boy in one of my classes started shouting abuse at a teacher in a lesson. She started saying that she wasn't paid for that and she begun to cry and had to leave the room because he was shouting was to much."

Elizabeth, 14, Wolverhampton, England

"My teachers are constantly being given grief by pupils!"

Connor, 14, Scotland

"All of our teachers are scared of the year 10's. Year 10's have pushed people off of benches and even gone on strike! The teachers never fight back like they should!"

Darcy, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"We often hear about kids getting bullied, but what about teachers? They have feelings too, so why should some kids be so horrible to the teachers? I think, personally, the only reason for this behaviour is teachers not being strict enough. I mean, who would pick on the strictest teacher in school? You wouldn't! But then again you wouldn't pick on your favourite teacher either... like with kids, bullies pick on the nice, friendly, weak ones."

Janey, 12, Sheffield, England

"Boys and girls in my class just mess around and when my teacher tells them off they shout back at her."

Jade, 12, Bridgend, Wales

"I think it is awful that bullying is happening not only to children, but teachers as well! Any form of bulling is bad... something has to happen."

Ella, 11, London, England

"Some children behave really badly with float teachers and when our normal teacher comes back they behave well."

Mercedes, 11, London, England

"My friends sometimes make fun of my French teacher and say she is stupid."

Louise, 10, London, England

"I saw someone try to hit a teacher with a table being thrown across the room."

Katie, 12, Coventry, England

"I saw a pupil spit in a teacher's face once."

Amy, 13, Newcastle, England

"Yes! While the teacher wasn't looking, a girl stole her mobile phone. She only discovered the girl took it a week afterwards and the girl got suspended."

Charlotte, 14, Liverpool, England

"I am a student and I understand why teachers are bullied, it's because they bully their students. I've seen it happen so it is only natural if kids bully their teachers because they are just doing what they learned!"

Izzy, 12, Leicestershire, England

"I wouldn't say teachers get bullied but I would say they get taken advantage of, especially the supply teachers and the less strict ones."

Izzy, 13, Hampshire, England

"Yes! Our class is terrible. We throw things, shout out, run out of the classroom, play tricks on the teacher and there is even physical violence towards her. She had to leave the school. It was not my fault or my friends' though!"

Sarah, 12, Leeds, England

"Pupils are often rude and cheeky to teachers but no bullying has happened yet."

Samantha, 11, Bradford, England

"I haven't seen a teacher being bullied, but people in my class are always talking when she is talking which is annoying."

Rachel, 10, East Sussex, England

"Yes! Just before the lesson started, a girl in my class stuck a piece of recently-used chewing gum on our teacher's chair. She didn't notice and sat down. I felt so sorry for her when she stood up and it was all on her nice skirt!"

Francesca, 13, Surrey, England

"Yes! Some girls in my class were making horrible comments about a teacher because she was black. They kept on calling her names and throwing things at her. One time she left our class crying because of it. Fortunately for her, the headmaster was outside and we ALL got a detention, even those of us who didn't do anything!"

Ashley, 12, London, England

"No, but a teacher had to break up a fight between some girls and she was deliberately kicked in the face! All the girls got suspended for it though."

Tara, 13, Essex, England

"No, but a girl swore at the teacher and got suspended for three days because of it."

Jodie, 11, Kent, England

"I've seen a lot of teachers being bullied and sometimes I feel bad for them. A lot of kids talk about them behind their backs."

Semra, 12, London, England

"We have a support teacher at our school and hardly anyone treats her with respect. One boy even swore at her!"

Matilda, 10, Kent, England

"My teacher was getting bullied at my old school."

Alexander, 12, Birmingham, England

"Behaviour in my school is appalling. The students laugh at our teachers, especially substitutes. They are cruel and play tricks on them and I think it is heartless. Teachers deserve gratitude for spending their time educating the next generation and do not deserve bad behaviour. Teachers should have more recognition for what they do. I really admire some teachers. Many children grow up without two parents and aspiring to be like a teacher is a healthy and achievable target."

Debbie, 13, Wakefield, England

"Yes, in my school, I do remember a few kids using obscene language towards the teacher and however naughty they may be they would always behave when others came in so there wasn't any evidence!"

JJ, 11, Dubai, UAE

"Some of the teachers in our school get bullied too. They walk out of the room until the children have calmed down."

Sarah, 7, Lancashire, England

"I've never seen a teacher being bullied. Sometimes some children are silly."

Aaliyah, 10, Suffolk, England

"Sometimes our teacher shouts at us if it is very, very noisy, but it doesn't happen often."

Emma, 12, Goteborg, Sweden

"The students here are always a bit naughty. They get impolite but they would never bully a teacher."

Anna, 11, Paris, France

"No teachers are getting bullied in my school."

Hollie, 11, Bridgend, Wales

"Yes I saw it in my primary school and the police got involved."

Umar, 14, London, England

"If a good teacher is getting bullied, or any teacher, what is the reason? I have only met one person that bullied a teacher and that was because he's got behaviour problems. If a teacher is getting bullied they must not be nice, or the kids must be horrible."

Shannon, 11, Lanarkshire, Scotland

"Here we joke with the teachers, but there's one teacher who's getting bullied. I'm not happy with that."

Tristan, 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I don't blame kids for shouting at teachers, I think teachers don't do their jobs right. I am a kid and know what it feels like."

Anthony, 13, Bradford, England

"Our class is the worst behaved in the school. I'm in primary 7 (year 6) and they are threatening to cancel our leaving party. They did this at Christmas with the masquerade ball, but we had it. Me and my friends behave!"

Holly, 11, S. Ayrshire, Scotland

"In year 3 I can remember a girl in my class throwing a chair across the classroom."

Georgia, 10, Sheffield, England

"A teacher being bullied... the teacher must not be nice or the kids must be not nice."

Orla, 7, Angus, Scotland

"I have never seen a teacher get bullied. People in my class might shout at the teachers but they just shout back."

Milana, 12, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland