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Last Updated: Tuesday April 05 2011 16:03 GMT

Donkey gets PDSA award for saving sheep in dog attack

Dotty the donkey. Picture from PDSA

A donkey which came to the aid of a sheep which was being attacked has been given a special bravery award.

Dotty pinned a vicious dog to the ground so that Stanley the sheep could get away to safety.

The animal charity PDSA honoured Dotty with a certificate at the paddock she shares with Stanley in North Yorkshire.

Stanley lost two teeth and hurt his face in the attack. Vets said if Dotty hadn't stepped in, Stanley would have been really badly hurt or even killed.

Since the attack Stanley doesn't leave Dotty's side, sleeping in the same stable at night.

Dotty is the 10th animal to get the PDSA award since it was first given in 2001 - and she's the first animal that's not a dog to get it.

Dotty the donkey with owner Ann Rogers and Stanley the sheep. Picture from PDSA
Stanley and Dotty with owner Ann Rogers

Her owner Ann Rogers, 63, said: "Dotty was so brave that day.

"She saw her friend Stanley in distress and charged down the field to rescue him from the dog's jaws."

Mrs Rogers rescued Dotty after finding her tied up at the side of the road near her farm in Scarborough three years ago, skinny and weak.