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Last Updated: Tuesday April 05 2011 05:13 GMT

Sick sacred giant turtle rescued in Vietnam

A sick giant turtle has been captured by rescuers in Vietnam to be treated

A poorly giant turtle that's considered sacred by many people in Vietnam has been captured so vets can treat it.

Thousands of people gathered to watch the huge reptile get pulled out of the lake where it lives in Hanoi. It took 50 rescuers to do it!

The turtle's developed open sores on its neck and legs. Vets are checking the injuries at a turtle hospital.

The creature is thought to be more than 100 years old and is seen as a symbol of the country's independence.

Rescuers have tried capturing the turtle before, but it got away.

No one's sure how the turtle got its wounds. Some people think it's from rubbish in the lake, but others reckon it could be down to fishing hooks or other smaller turtles.

The giant soft-shell turtle is only one of four known living members of its species.