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Last Updated: Friday April 01 2011 17:47 GMT

Interactive Quiz: Prince Harry

Prince Harry Quiz

See how much you know about Prince Harry with our special quiz!

Prince Harry looking surprised

1.) Question 1

What are Prince Harry's middle names?

Prince Harry when he was 14!
  1. Arthur Philip Louis
  2. Charles Albert David
  3. Andrew Charles Philip

2.) Question 2

Which two A-Levels did Prince Harry do?

Prince Harry at Eton College
  1. Art and geography
  2. History of art and geography
  3. Biology and art

3.) Question 3

What unusual present did Prince Harry get for his 18th birthday?

Harry when he was 18
  1. His own castle
  2. His own coat of arms
  3. His own golden polo ball

4.) Question 4

Prince Harry spent some of his gap year working in Australia. What did he do?

Prince Harry on his gap year
  1. Worked as a teacher
  2. Worked as a lifeguard
  3. Worked on a farm

5.) Question 5

Prince Harry set up a charity called Sentebale in 2006 to help...

Prince Harry in Lesotho in Africa
  1. Orphans
  2. Injured ex-servicemen and women
  3. Endangered animals

6.) Question 6

Prince Harry served in Afghanistan in 2007-8. How long was he there for?

Prince Harry in Afghanistan
  1. 10 weeks
  2. 15 weeks
  3. 20 weeks

7.) Question 7

Which army rank was Prince Harry promoted to in 2008?

Prince Harry presenting military medals
  1. Second Lieutenant
  2. Captain
  3. Lieutenant

8.) Question 8

Prince Harry joined four wounded ex-soldiers on a charity trek in 2011. Where was the trek?

Prince Harry on his charity trek with four wounded ex-soldiers
  1. Amazon Rainforest
  2. Sahara Desert
  3. The Arctic


  1. Prince Harry's middle names are Charles Albert David. Arthur Philip Louis are Prince William's middle names.
  2. Prince Harry did art and geography. He got a B in art and a D in geography.
  3. The prince got his own coat of arms to celebrate his 18th birthday!
  4. Prince Harry worked on a farm in Australia during his gap year. He also travelled to Argentina in South America and Lesotho in Africa.
  5. Prince Harry set up the charity Sentebale to help orphans and vulnerable kids in Lesotho in Africa. He spent time there during his gap year.
  6. Prince Harry served in Afghanistan for 10 weeks. He was brought home after the press leaked the news he was out there.
  7. Prince Harry was promoted from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant in 2008.
  8. Prince Harry joined four wounded ex-soldiers for part of their charity trek to the North Pole.

Your Score

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3 - 6 : Well done

7 - 8 : Excellent, a royal score!