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Last Updated: Friday April 01 2011 10:46 GMT

Fossils discovered of a new gigantic dinosaur

What the T-rex cousin may have looked like.

Fossils of a massive new dinosaur have been found - and it's been nicknamed the T-rex cousin because it's so huge!

The dinosaur would have measured about 11m long, 4m tall and weighed about 6,000kg - heavier than an adult elephant.

Skull and jaw bones were discovered, plus pieces of 9cm long crushing teeth.

It's been named Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, which means the Tyrant from Zhucheng - the city in China where the fossils were found.

The gigantic creature roamed about 65 million and 99 million years ago.

One of the fossils that was discovered.
The dinosaurs teeth were 9cm long!

Dr Hone was one of the scientist who discovered the fossils.

He said: "It's another big T-rex and these things don't turn up every day. It's one of the biggest predators of all time."