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Last Updated: Tuesday March 29 2011 07:14 GMT

Pupils get to interview future teachers!

Teacher with pupil in classroom

Pupils at a school in Oxford get to help the head teacher choose which teachers get a job there!

All would-be teachers have to give a full lesson to the kids at Cherwell School, who tell the head what they really thought of the teaching.

Then the candidate has to go through a tough interview, with yet more students on the panel.

The assistant head at Cherwell, Mrs Stuart-Thompson, reckons what the pupils think is really important.

She said: "It's a poor candidate who comes to this school and thinks the student panel is a push-over."

More schools should involve pupils in hiring teachers, says the children's commissioner for England.

But the Nasuwt teaching union said putting pupils on an interview panel undermined the authority of teachers.