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Last Updated: Monday March 28 2011 14:26 GMT

Boy's drawings raise hundreds for sick kids

Watch Jack in action and see some of his drawings

Meet the six-year-old boy who's making cash with his crayons - by selling his drawings to raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

Jack from East Lothian, Scotland, wanted to help the hospital that had cared for his little brother Noah.

So he came up with the idea of doing drawings for people, in return for a donation.

He set up a website with the help of his dad and within a few days he'd already raised £1,000!

He's now set a new target of £10,000. Jack's success has taken his family by surprise.

His mum Rose said: "We set a target of £100 and we thought it'd take a few weeks and family and friends would all donate and Jack would do a picture a night."

But it took less than a day to achieve that and now Jack has around 100 orders left to finish!