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Last Updated: Friday March 25 2011 07:03 GMT

Overnight queues for 3D console

 Nintendo 3DS

Hundreds of gamers queued in central London to be the FIRST people to get their hands on a new 3D games console.

It's the handheld Nintendo 3DS, and fans waiting outside HMV Oxford Street used foil space blankets so they didn't get too chilly.

At one minute past midnight the first one was snapped up by a 21-year-old man called Marwan from London.

He was the first person to get hold of a Nintendo Wii when that games console came out back in 2006!

Marwan who got the first Nintendo 3DS

He said: "Wednesday night was really cold but it will be worth it to get one and I can't wait to get home and play it."

The Apple iPad 2 is released on the same day, but not until 5pm.