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Last Updated: Thursday March 24 2011 10:46 GMT

PICTURES: Behind the scenes at Match of the Day

An empty Match of the Day studio and the Premier League trophy

On this week's MOTD Kickabout we've been given an access all areas pass to Match of the Day HQ. Here's the studio complete with the Premier League trophy.

MOTD team watching football on television screens

Before the team can talk about the weekend's footie matches they have to watch them all first!

MOTD's Alan Hansen lying on a sofa

Comfort is really important for Match of the Day pundit Alan Hansen. He has his own sofa for watching the games. Here he is concentrating on the Tottenham v West Ham match.

MOTD's Alan Hansen and Kickabout's Sonali

Sonali was lucky enough to be allowed to sit on Alan's special sofa. Just long enough for this photo to be taken.

BBC Sport's stat team

Here's the stats team who put together all the fascinating facts that you can hear about when you watch Match of the Day and Final Score.

MOTD's Mark Lawrenson and Kickabout's Sonali

Mark Lawrenson, one of the regular pundits on Match of the Day, made time for a chat with Sonali before watching the Everton v Fulham match.

Toiletries for the Match of the Day team

Here are some of lotions and potions used by the Match of the Day team to help them look their best on camera.

Kickabout's Sonali ironing

There was no time to rest for Sonali - she even had to iron Gary Lineker's shirt!

Kickabout's Sonali putting make-up on MOTD presenter Gary Lineker

Hard at work Sonali helped out by touching up presenter Gary Lineker's make-up before he went into the studio. He doesn't look too happy, does he?

MOTD presenter Gary Lineker rehearsing

To make sure everything goes to plan even famous presenters like Gary Lineker have to practice all of their lines and scripts in rehearsals.

The Match of the Day studio from above

For even more behind-the-scenes action from Gary and the gang watch MOTD Kickabout this Saturday at 7.40am and 1pm on the CBBC Channel and 11.45am on BBC 2.