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Last Updated: Tuesday March 22 2011 13:53 GMT

Komodo dragons missing from zoo

Komodo dragon

Three young Komodo dragons have gone missing from a zoo in Indonesia.

It's thought they might have climbed out of their cage - but no-one is really sure what has happened to them.

Komodo dragons are the world's largest monitor lizards, and the missing reptiles are all about a year old and measure between 50cm and a metre long.

Zookeepers are warning people in Indonesia to watch out for the missing lizards, as they can move quickly and have a poisonous bite.

Agus Supangkat, from Surabaya Zoo, said: "We're worried the Komodo dragons have escaped.

"They could have been eaten by predators, stolen or escaped.

"The zookeepers have said they didn't take them. The police are still investigating."


Komodo dragon

Komodo dragons

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