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Last Updated: Tuesday March 22 2011 13:53 GMT

Komodo dragons missing from zoo

Komodo dragon

Three young Komodo dragons have gone missing from a zoo in Indonesia.

It's thought they might have climbed out of their cage - but no-one is really sure what has happened to them.

Komodo dragons are the world's largest monitor lizards, and the missing reptiles are all about a year old and measure between 50cm and a metre long.

Zookeepers are warning people in Indonesia to watch out for the missing lizards, as they can move quickly and have a poisonous bite.

Agus Supangkat, from Surabaya Zoo, said: "We're worried the Komodo dragons have escaped.

"They could have been eaten by predators, stolen or escaped.

"The zookeepers have said they didn't take them. The police are still investigating."