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Last Updated: Tuesday March 22 2011 13:02 GMT

Playground is replaced by a wall

The wall

Is this the worst playground ever?

When a playground in Greater Manchester was ripped down, the kids there hoped they might get some new swings to replace it.

But instead they ended up with a brick wall!

The play equipment was removed from Shepley Wood Park in Audenshaw because the council were hoping to replace it with new kit.

But then the council ran out of money for a new playground and so they put up a 'kick wall' instead.

Kick Wall

The council say they couldn't build a new playground as their funding was cut.

They say the wall is meant to be used as a 'kick wall' for kids to practice their footy skills.

But children living near the wall say they wish the council had spent the money on something else - and not bothered building the wall.