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Last Updated: Monday March 21 2011 15:47 GMT

PICTURES: Endangered animals star on Royal Mail stamps

Mountain gorilla

These fellas will be heading through your letterboxes soon, celebrating 50 years of the WWF - the World Wide Fund for Nature.

African elephant

The WWF works on lots of environmental projects right around the world, including helping African elephants like this one.

Iberian lynx

The Iberian lynx is the world's most endangered cat. Loss of its habitat has meant numbers of the cat are falling.

Red panda

This red panda might not look like a giant panda, nor is he as big, but like the giant panda deforestation means there could be fewer places for the animal to live.

Amur leopard

The WWF say the stamps raise awareness of problems like deforestation and climate change.

Siberian tiger

The elephant and tiger stamps are intelligent stamps - so smartphones can scan them and view more info about the endangered species.

Stamps of the Siberian tiger, polar bear, amur leopard, black rhino, African wild dog and golden lion tamarin

There are ten 1st class stamps in all featuring different endangered species which the WWF have worked to help.

Amazon stamps featuring a spider monkey, a hyacinth macaw, poison dart frog and a jaguar.

There's also a special set of four stamps with pics of animals from the Amazon rainforest.