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Last Updated: Friday March 18 2011 18:25 GMT

Japan Earthquake: One week on

A police officer stands in silence among the debris at the destructed city of Kesennuma, northeastern Japan

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It's a week since Japan was hit by the biggest earthquake in its history.

The quake caused widespread devastation and triggered a huge tsunami.

At least 15,000 people are either dead or missing, and around 450,000 people are now homeless.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant was also damaged in the quake, and has been leaking dangerous radiation.

Watch this special edition of Newsround to find out more about how the country is coping with the disaster. Including....

  • 10-year-old Isabel tells us what it was like in Japan's capital, Tokyo, in the days after the earthquake hit.
  • The incredible story of the 300 factory workers battling to prevent nuclear disaster.
  • And we speak to charity workers in Japan about the recovery effort.