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Last Updated: Friday March 18 2011 15:20 GMT

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: Sonali meets a young survivor

Isabel and Sonali

WATCH: Sonali meets Japan earthquake survivor

It's one week since Japan was hit by the biggest earthquake in its history.

Ten-year-old Isabel was at school in Tokyo when it happened, and said it was one of the scariest days of her life.

Now she's safely back in the UK with her family.

Sonali went to meet her to find out how Isabel coped with "the big one". She tells us about the interview below.

Sonali writes:

Isabel has lived in Tokyo for the last four years.

She said this week was even scarier than the earthquake itself, because no-one knew what was going to happen.

Sonali and Isabel
Isabel said she isn't scared of going back to Japan

Her whole house was shaken by aftershocks, and she slept in the same room as her parents, so the family could be together.

They've been travelling between Toyko and Osaka, to try and stay as far away from the damaged nuclear plant as possible.

Now her family have decided to come home for a few weeks. But her dad has stayed in Hong Kong, so that he can keep working.

She said most of her Japanese friends are staying with relatives in the south of the country.

Isabel and her family are leaving Japan in the summer

Isabel and her family had been planning to move back to Britain in the summer anyway.

But they want to go back to Japan to live there for as long as possible before then, and pack up their things.

I was really impressed with how strong Isabel is - she told me she's not scared of going back.

She said that after surviving the 'the big one' she feels like she can handle it.