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Last Updated: Wednesday March 16 2011 18:19 GMT

Police stop girls picking flowers

Jane Erringdon and her daughter

Three children have been told off by the police for picking daffodils in their local park.

Sisters Sienna, India and Olivia were picking flowers with their parents in Poole, Dorset, when police told them to stop.

The police told the girls it was illegal to pick flowers in the park - because they were public property.

Their mum, Jane Erringdon, said the girls were really "upset" about being told off by the police.

Daisy Chains

The daffodils were planted in a public park.

She said: "Had we known it was a criminal offence then we would not have let them do it.

"We have all picked up flowers and made daisy chains and we thought that's what they were doing.

"They weren't ripping up bunches and bunches, they are two little girls with tiny little hands."