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Last Updated: Wednesday March 16 2011 15:14 GMT

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: How are kids coping?


WATCH: How are kids in Japan coping?

The earthquake in Japan has caused widespread devastation - and changed the lives of thousands of children who live there.

Sonali spoke to Andrew Wander from Save the Children about how kids are coping with the destruction.

What is it like where you are?

I'm in Tokyo the Japanese capital but I'm working with teams further up the coast, and they're telling me stories of meeting children who have had a very difficult time.

They say the children are having nightmares about waves and water and they can't forget what happened on Friday.

They're living in very cramped evacuation centres and struggling to come to terms with the devastation around them.

They haven't seen their friends or been to school. It's difficult for them to live a normal life.

How long will kids be living in evacuation centres?

It's hard to say. You see the pictures on the TV and it really is unbelievable.

No-one knows how long they will be stuck in evacuation centres. Whole towns have been destroyed.

Is the snow making things harder?

Yes it is - and the weather is meant to get worse in the next few days.

Children are really vulnerable to cold weather, especially if they've lost their homes.

Are children worried about a nuclear disaster?

It's very scary, especially if they hear their parents talking about it and see the coverage on the news.

The thing about radiation is that you can't see it or taste it, but it could be very serious.

Some children are frightened, especially the ones that are being tested for radiation by doctors in white coats.