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Last Updated: Wednesday March 16 2011 13:15 GMT

PICTURES: Justin Bieber meets his waxwork

Bieber and waxwork

Can you tell the difference? This was the moment Justin Bieber came face to face with his new waxwork in Madame Tussauds in London.

Bieber and his mum

Justin's mum Pattie Mallette had no trouble telling the boys apart. Here she is posing with the real Bieber and the model superstar.

Justin Bieber

One of the biggest differences is the waxwork's hair. It was modeled on the star's signature style from a few years ago, and he's now got a shorter crop.

Justin Bieber

Bieber said he thought the model was awesome even though it looks a bit younger than him. "It's pretty incredible to see," he said, "I'm taller but this was a point in time."

Bieber and waxwork

Fans queued for hours to catch a glimpse of the star and his waxwork. It looks like Bieber's trying to pick a fight with his double - maybe he thinks he's got competition!