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Last Updated: Wednesday March 16 2011 12:20 GMT

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: Explosions hit nuclear power plant

A power station in Fukushima was damaged by the earthquake.

People living near a nuclear power station in the north of Japan have been told to leave their homes after another explosion.

Aerial shot of damaged Fukushima power station

The power station was damaged when a massive earthquake hit the country on 11 March which killed thousands of people.

Aerial shot of damaged Fukushima power station

Since then there have been four explosions at the plant which have caused dangerous radiation to leak out. This snap shows what the power plant looked like before and after the quake.

Aerial shot of damaged Fukushima power station

Scientists think that the explosions keep happening because the power station's cooling systems were damaged during the earthquake.

A helicopter has dumped water on the reactor to try and cool it down.

Experts have been trying to fix the leaks but new explosions are making it too dangerous for them to work. Helicopters are also being used to try and cool down the reactors.

A dog being checked for nuclear radiation

Everyone who lives near the site has been evacuated to a safe area and are being checked to make sure that they haven't been hurt by the radiation.

A Japanese worker checks people for radiation

This worker is using a special machine to measure how much radiation people have been in contact with. High levels can make people really ill.