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Last Updated: Tuesday March 15 2011 18:56 GMT

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: The search for survivors

US rescue dogs

Teams from around the world are arriving in Japan to help with the rescue effort

Thousands of people are still missing after the country was hit by a massive earthquake, which triggered a tsunami.

How are teams looking for survivors?

It's an enormous task. Whole towns along Japan's northeast coast have been completely wiped out.

Dog teams

Many of the international rescue teams have brought sniffer dogs with them.

The dogs can help to identify people trapped under the rubble.

Body heat

If the dogs aren't able to find anything, the teams also have special listening equipment and machines that can detect body heat.

They use these to try and find people that have been buried under the rubble.

Big job

One of the British rescue teams has taken a massive 11 tonnes of equipment with them to try and find survivors.

But even with all their special kit it will be a difficult task.