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Last Updated: Tuesday March 15 2011 13:19 GMT

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: Amazing rescue pictures

Little girl is rescued in Kesennuma

Thousands of people are thought to have died in the quake, but there have been amazing stories of survival too, like this little girl who was pulled to safety in Kesennuma.

A baby that survived the earthquake in Ishinomaki city

This tiny baby is only four-months-old, but she survived the quake in Ishinomaki city.

Old lady is resuced in Kesennuma

Many of the people who were caught in the quake were elderly, as they couldn't get away fast enough. This old lady was rescued from the ruins of Kesunnuma city.

Japan tsunami survivors

And this elderly man was carried to safety in the town of Minamisanriku, which was almost completely destroyed in the quake.

Old man rescued in Kesennuma City

There were miraculous rescues across Japan. This old man was pulled to safety from damaged buildings in Kesennuma city.

Man is rescued in Sendai

One of the worst hit areas was Sendai. This man was lifted to safety from the ruined city by helicopter.