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Last Updated: Monday March 14 2011 18:16 GMT

Ant and Dec gate-crash Newsround!

Ore, Sonali, Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec gate-crash Newsround!

Ant and Dec have paid a surprise visit to the Newsround studio, to tell everyone about Red Nose Day!

The comedy duo are trying to appear on as many live TV shows as they can on Monday to raise money for Comic Relief.

So far, they've appeared on shows including BBC Breakfast and Daybreak - and now Newsround!

They took Ore and Sonali completely by surprise when they wandered into the studio halfway through Monday's five o'clock show.

The comedians are taking an object from every show they visit, to sell to raise money for Red Nose Day.

The list of shows they're hoping to appear on is a closely-guarded secret.

They're travelling between shows on everything from bicycles to jet-skis to make sure they fit in as many as possible!

Ant and Dec
The boys are taking things to sell to raise money for Red nose Day. They even carried off the sofa from BBC breakfast!

Ant said: "We're really excited to help kick off Red Nose week.

"The day is going to be a mad dash to fit in as many shows as possible but I'm pretty sure we'll make it in time.

"Make sure you keep a look out for us, we're hoping to turn up in some of the silliest places!"

Money raised will go to help needy people in the UK and Africa. Red Nose Day is on March 18.