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Last Updated: Monday March 14 2011 14:13 GMT

PICTURES: Japan earthquake and tsunami damage

Boat stuck on top of a house in Otsuchi town

The huge earthquake and tsunami have caused widespread devastation in parts of Japan. This boat is stuck on top of a house in Otsuchi town.

A baby that survived the earthwuake in Ishinomaki city

Thousands are feared to have died in the disaster - but there are amazing stories of survival too, like this four-month-old baby who survived the quake in Ishinomaki city.

Emegency aid is handed out in Onagawa town

A massive rescue operation had begun. These people in Onagawa town, are unpacking emergency supplies.

Japan tsunami

Some areas of the country are still without power, and food and fuel are running low in some cities. Natori town was completely flattened by the tsunami.

Sendai town

Only a handful of buildings in Sendai were left standing after the town was rocked by the quake and then hit by the enormous waves.

Upside down house in Natori

People are still looking for survivors, but it is thought that as many as 10,000 people could have been killed in the disaster.

Natori town

It's expected to take months to clear up the damage. Cars are littered around the streets in Natori town, and buildings have been reduced to piles of rubble.