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Last Updated: Friday March 11 2011 16:10 GMT

Japan earthquake: 'It's probably the scariest day I've had'

Isabel, who was at school in Japan when the earthquake struck

Japan has been hit by the biggest earthquake in its history.

It struck off the north east coast of the country, but its tremors were felt hundreds of miles away.

Ten-year-old Isabel was at school in Tokyo when it happened. Here's her story...

"Me and my friend got back from our Japanese lesson and everyone was under the tables.

We didn't understand why, because nothing was shaking, but then the clock fell and everything started shaking so we ran to get under the table.

It [the earthquake] was about three minutes long, then we had to go outside and just wait for about an hour.

A map showing where the earthquake hit off the north east coast of Japan, and where Tokyo is, hundreds of miles to the south
The earthquake was felt in Tokyo, hundreds of miles from its epicentre

In Tokyo, there were lots of people but nothing really looked different, because nothing had fallen really.

We were all really scared. At least we were fine, but we didn't know about our parents and our siblings. Lots of people were crying.

We've been told to stay at home. Now that we've been picked up, we know our families are safe so there's nothing we can really do.

There have been quite a lot of aftershocks. There are some very powerful ones which shake the house. But as time goes on, the aftershocks are a lot softer. In a way, it's just like being in a car when it's shaking.

It's something very big in my life. It's probably the scariest day I've had."

Isabel, 10, Tokyo, Japan