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Last Updated: Friday March 11 2011 10:36 GMT

PICTURES: Japan earthquake and tsunami

Japan tsunami

Cars are crushed by a collapsed wall at a car park in Mito City, after a massive earthquake struck Japan.

Japan tsunami. Credit: AFP PHOTO / HO / NHK

News footage from Japanese TV shows cars and containers floating in the massive tsunami wave that hit Sendai in Japan following the earthquake.

Japan tsunami

The quake was the biggest ever recorded in Japan, and the sixth-biggest of all time. In Sendai, people evacuate buildings and gather at a park.

Japan tsunami

Water from the tsunami flooded streets including here in the city of the Hakodate on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido.

Broken windows in buildings in the capital, Tokyo

The centre of the quake was around 240 miles from Tokyo. But aftershocks caused buildings to shake violently in the capital, damaging many buildings.

Earthquake in Japan

People were ordered to leave buildings after the earthquake. Here passengers evacuate from the terminal building to the tarmac of Narita International Airport, near Tokyo.

Earthquake in Japan

A woman wears a hard hat and talks on a phone after evacuating a building in Tokyo's financial district. The earthquake measured a massive 8.9 in magnitude.

Earthquake in Japan

The owner of this ceramic shop in Tokyo checks his damaged stock following the earthquake.

Burning oil refinery

In Inchihara, near Tokyo, the earthquake triggered a fire at an oil refinery, with giant fireballs rising into the sky.