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Last Updated: Sunday March 13 2011 14:45 GMT

Japan earthquake: tsunami warning across Pacific ocean

Emergency teams head towards rescue operations at the port area of Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture, after the massive earthquake and tsunami destruction in Japan

Ricky reports on the massive rescue mission under way in Japan

A powerful earthquake has hit the north-east coast of Japan.

It's caused at least one huge wave - called a tsunami - that's washed away cars, boats and even buildings, and could spread across the Pacific ocean.

The earthquake is the biggest ever recorded in Japan, and shook buildings 250 miles away in the capital Tokyo.

Hundreds of people have been killed or injured, lots of buildings are damaged and big power stations have been forced to shut down.

The Japanese Prime Minister feels the earthquake

Large parts of the coast were put on tsunami warning, as people were worried that more huge waves could hit Japan.

The tsunami warning was extended across the Pacific to include the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hawaii, the Pacific coast of Russia and North and South America.