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Last Updated: Friday March 11 2011 14:53 GMT

'I'm proud that we foster children'


Caitlyn's family has fostered more than twenty young people over the years.

Here Caitlyn tells us why she thinks it's a good thing to do.

"I live with my mum and dad, my two brothers and a child we currently foster.

He has been living with us for nearly four years whilst our family have been fostering for over seven years.

Seven months to 17 years

We foster through Foster Care Associates and I was four when we started. Since then, more than twenty young people have stayed with us, ages ranging from seven months to 17 years old.

I guess it's hard when you start fostering but I don't know that really because I have grown up with and can't remember life without it and I can't imagine life not fostering.

Share experiences

My two brothers and I are involved in a council called Kids Who Care Council (KWCC). It was founded by us and some other birth children who felt they could share their experiences with other birth children.

We can give advice to children who are unsure about something and don't want to talk to their parents about it as well as taking training sessions for families (with their own children) who are going through the approval stage to become foster carers.

Have fun

It is a way to meet new people who also foster, make new friends and just have fun.

We plan outings like going to restaurants, where we talk about anything, if it's problems or just having fun.

Not selfish

If you would ask me one good thing about fostering I would say it is the feeling that you are doing something for someone else and not for yourself.

You also know you are not being selfish and that you can be proud of yourself and know that you are kind."

Caitlyn, 12, Leeds