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Last Updated: Thursday March 10 2011 12:37 GMT

I've grown up in care


Amy has grown up in care, and she's been really successful, especially at school. She tells us her story.

"At first I thought being in care would be like the muscial Annie, with Miss Hannigan, but I soon found out it was just basically the same as having a normal family.

What it's like being in care

It's normal to be a bit shaky or a bit scared at first - I was - but you soon get used to it and after a while you hardly even think about yourself being in care, it just feels like home.

The best bits

Personally I like the presents. On Christmas and on my birthday I get three sets of them: off my Nan and my aunties and uncles, off my mum and brothers and sisters and then off my foster carer.

But I also really enjoy the holidays we go on: I love going abroad!


The worst bits

Probably the worst thing about being in foster care, is when you miss your mum, and you can't always ring her for comfort and you can't always see her when you want a big hug - but you can always ask your foster carer for comfort.

Going to school

When I first came into care I had never been to school that much, except for Fridays when a social worker would come along to make sure we were going to school. But even then my sister and I tried to get out of it.

However now I actually don't mind going, as I have a lot of really nice friends and I love most of the lessons, especially chemistry were we can blow up things! And I am in the top set for a lot of lessons.

Making other people proud

I am proud of myself for getting into a grammar school. But mostly I am proud of making my mum and my Nan proud of me. I found out that I had passed my 11+ the day I saw my Nan, which made it more special."

Amy, 12, The Wirral, England

For more details about fostering, you can call Fosterline on 0800 040 7675: it's a dedicated advice line for foster carers, fostering services and anyone interested in fostering.