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Last Updated: Thursday March 10 2011 12:37 GMT

My family fosters other children

Press Packer Lucy

Lucy and her family look after children who, for lots of different reasons, can't live in their own homes. Lucy tells us her story.

"We have been fostering for nearly four years now and we first started when I was in year 4.

It gave me a big surprise when my mum came into school and said that we had passed the assessment and were allowed to foster.

The first time we fostered

I was really happy. When the first child came he picked me up from school with my mum.

When we looked after him it was quite hard because he had a disability so he couldn't have proper food, and he had to have it through this tube that went into his tummy.

My mum went on courses to learn how to do this and give him his medicine. He had a wonderful smile.

Fostering a baby

The next placement we had was a tiny baby. He was really cute then but now he is really cheeky.

At first it is difficult to know how to behave with the children, especially the tiny babies but you soon get used to it and they are just another person in your family.

Press Packer Lucy

Best bits about fostering

The best bit about fostering is when you see the children for the first time, and I get to have lots of brothers and sisters as I am an only child.

I get to meet other children who foster on outings and parties that are especially arranged for us.

Worst bit about fostering

The worst bit about fostering is when the child has to leave and move on.

Everyone should foster!

Anybody who is reading this now I am very grateful for it.

It is a good opportunity to ask your parents to foster someone or get some more information about it."

Lucy, 11, Surrey, England

For more details about fostering, you can call Fosterline on 0800 040 7675: it's a dedicated advice line for foster carers, fostering services and anyone interested in fostering.