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Last Updated: Monday March 14 2011 13:17 GMT

PICTURES: YOUR royal wedding dress designs

Rose's dress

Rose, aged 8, has added hearts to her dress including a big one right in the middle. Unfortunately we're not publishing any more designs - but thank you for all your wonderful ideas!

Kate's design

Kate, 10, from London has designed a purple and orange dress with a bright green bow.

Sofia's design

Sofia says her design "has small layers to make the dress look pretty, feminine and delicate, which I think is what a woman wants her dress to be like on her wedding day."

Jasmin's design

Jasmin, aged, 9, has decorated her blue silk dress with silver stars.

Charlotte's design

Charlotte has decorated her dress with poppies and stars.

Hannah's design

13-year-old Hannah has chosen to use a very pretty mint green colour in her dress design.

Sophie's design

Sophie, 9, has chosen a theme of pink and white for her design.

Lucy's design

Lucy, 8, thinks Kate would look pretty in pink!

Erin's design

Erin's design has been inspired by the wedding rhyme, 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'.

Emma and Grace's design

Friends Emma and Grace both 8, designed their dress together.

Nikita's design

Nikita, 9, has designed a short dress with a bow at the front.

Ellie's design

Not only has Ellie designed a dress, she has included a bag, flowers, veil and even lipstick!

Miranda's design

Miranda, 10, from Devon has designed a pale lilac dress with a gold crown and matching lilac veil.

Ellie's design

Ellie, 9, from Leeds has designed a very striking aqua-coloured dress, with a matching aqua flower.

Louise's design

Louise went with the pink silk idea to add a bit more pazzazz! I hope Kate likes it, she says.

Katie's design

11-year-old Katie's short-sleeved design also includes a very large veil!

Maya's design

Maya, 7, from Northern Ireland has included wedding gloves, tiara, earrings and shoes in her design.

Victoria's design

Victoria's dress design comes complete with hat and gloves to match. Everything is white but the hat also has specs of black in it.

Sarah, 13, from East Yorkshire

Sarah's design has a diamond on the belt, gloves and a puffed sleeve.

Imogen's design

Imogen tells us her design features lace on the sleeves and bottom of the dress. And the finest silk for the body and a silver chain.

Mya's design

8-year-old Mya has come up with an interesting design - we like the windswept looking hemline!

Eva's design

Eva's white dress has some added colour with red beads around its edges. Or perhaps they are rubies!

Katie's design

Katie, 12, from Shoreham-By-sea has made two designs - one showing a short dress and the other, a longer one.

Henry, 7, from Suffolk

Henry, 7, from Suffolk has drawn the front and back of his design - which features bright yellow flowers.

Georgia's design

Georgia, 12, has included a head dress, flower and belt in her design.

Sophie's design

Sophie has designed a white dress with a long train. She has even featured Westminster Cathedral in the background.

Bethany's design

Here is Bethany's design - complete with a tiara.

Georgina's design

Georgina's dress is full of layers and ruffles - we love all the detail she's put into it.

Lydia's design

10-year-old Lydia tells us her dress for Kate would be made out of feathers, silk and diamonds.

Shaikul's design

Shaikul, 11, has chosen very bold colours for her design. Kate would certainly stand out in this dress!

Lauren's design

11-year-old Lauren has shown us how the front and back of her dress would look. Her design includes a lovely criss cross pattern at the back.

Tia's design

Tia has gone for a very simple, yet stylish dress and veil.

Emma, 6, Oxford

Emma has chosen a blue dress with matching gloves. It also includes a tiara and a rather large veil with red flowers on it.

Lola, 5, Nottinghamshire

Lola's design is a green and orange flower wedding dress. Loving the bright colours, Lola!

Billy, 7, Nottinghamshire

Billy's dress is called "Za Za". It has 9000000000000000000000 gold beads on it!

Kate, 13, Berkshire

Kate, 13 from Berkshire has designed a lavender coloured dress and veil with a striking black bow!

from the Isle of Wight

Niamh from the Isle of Wight has included a train that's 10 metres long and has used 80 pearls and 40 diamonds on the dress.

Anna, 12, Middlesex

Anna, 12, from Middlesex has added pearls to her dress and has included some silk gloves. She's also thought about an important accessory for the dress - the shoes!

Poppy's design

Poppy's dress is made from white lace, with a white lace veil and grey velvet ribbon.

Remi, 10, with her design

Remi, 10, has designed a silk dress, covered with diamonds - certainly fit for princess!

Gemma, 6, with her design

This is Gemma's 'thoroughly modern dress design' for the new princess. Kate will definitely stand out in an electric blue dress with red polka dots!

Olivia, 10, Taunton

Olivia, 10, from Taunton has used netting over the dress in her design.

Gorgie, 7, Oxford

Gorgie, 7, from Oxford thinks that a lot of detail in the dress would look nice. Just look at all the beading!

Ellie, 9, West Midlands

Ellie, 9, from the West Midlands has gone traditional, with a classic white wedding dress.

Sandra, 12

Sandra, 12, likes the long, straight look!

 Emma, 9, North Shields

Emma, 9, from North Shields has designed an off-the-shoulder number with a long, flowing veil.