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Last Updated: Monday March 07 2011 11:23 GMT

Chilly footie players banned from wearing snoods

Manchester City captain Carlos Tevez wearing a snood on the pitch

There's bad news for footie players who don't like the cold - the International Football Association is banning snoods.

Loads of players are fans of the neck warmers, but they're being shown the red card because footie bosses are worried they're dangerous.

It's feared players could strangle or choke each other if they accidentally grab the snoods during a tackle.

Manchester City and Arsenal players are among those who've made snoods famous, but now they'll all have to go without.

Some managers are likely to welcome the ban though.

In the past, Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has said that instead of wearing snoods and gloves players should run about more to keep warm.

And in December, Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson said: "Real men don't wear snoods."