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Last Updated: Friday March 04 2011 08:14 GMT

Manchester City defender Kolo Toure fails drugs test

Manchester City player Kolo Toure, who has been suspended after failing a drugs test

Manchester City defender Kolo Toure is facing a two-year ban from the sport after failing a drugs test.

He's already been suspended by his club until an investigation by the Football Association has been carried out.

Manchester City aren't saying what substance the 29-year-old tested positive for, but it's not thought to be a drug to make him play better.

The punishment for failing a drugs test ranges from a warning to a two-year ban. Toure has 10 days to respond.

Kolo Toure joined City from Arsenal in July 2009, and has made more than 50 appearances for the club.

He was also club captain until the start of the current season, when Carlos Tevez was given the skipper's armband.